Modern Architectural Design ConceptĀ 

Modern Architectural Style is a design style that is simple, clean, functional, stylish and always follows the developments of the times. Modern architectural styles are also related to the modern lifestyle that is growing rapidly. Modern lifestyles are underpinned by technological advancements, where many things that were previously not made and can become available to many people.

In designing modern concepts and styles always see the value of objects (furniture) based on the large function and the number of functions of these objects, and based on their suitability for a demanding lifestyle that is fast, easy and functional. In architecture, modern lifestyles affect the desire to have a simple, clean and functional building, as a symbol of modern spirit. However, this kind of lifestyle is only owned by some people, especially those in big cities, where life demands a faster, functional and efficient lifestyle.

Modern architecture has very minimal ornaments. In modern architecture functions are preferred in determining the shape, size and material of Indonesian homes with modern architectural styles began to be widely applied in the early 70s. At present, there are many new houses built in modern architectural styles with adjustments to building materials with the latest technology, cultural developments and insights and lifestyle of its inhabitants.

The exterior of the house with a modern architectural style is dominated by wide and or high-sized windows, a long list of concrete signs and a protruding canopy. With columns that are simple or even without columns. The shape of the modern home is decorated with simple vertical, horizontal, and diagonal ornament on a wide exterior wall. The interiors of modern homes are arranged with simple ornaments, multilevel ceilings and voids in public spaces that give a broad impression.

Space in a house with a modern architectural style is generally transparent, continuous, interconnected spaces with intermediate spaces limited by non-permanent interior decoration. Building materials in the form of stainless steel finishing polished, aluminum anodized, tinted glass, are materials with finishing types that characterize modern homes in the early days of their development in Indonesia.

At present there are many building materials with modern technology that are important components such as galvanized metal, granite, grc, perforated metal etc.

Some characteristics of modern architecture

  • Asymmetric
  • Flat roof
  • There are no cornices or roof profiles
  • Box shape
  • Smooth texture
  • Efficient appearance
  • Curved angle
  • Glass window
  • Aluminum and stainless steel trim on doors and windows
  • Glossy panel
  • Rows of windows or lines
  • Very little or even almost no decoration
  • Open plan.

Minimalist Architectural Design Concept

Currently the popular interior design concept is minimalist, the essence of minimalist home interior design is that residents can enjoy a house that is actually small or simple but with a smart arrangement the house becomes wider, calm and relaxed.

Certain characteristics that can be found in a minimalist home interior design concept include:

– The concept of minimalist home interior design is perfect, just right, and not excessive. Therefore, choose the form of room accessories in your home that are clean, firm, without profiles, and minimal geometric shapes.

– If you use a minimalist home interior design concept, avoid using a room divider in your house that is permanent. The use of bulkhead to separate the room will only create a narrow impression. It might be added by using a carpet on the floor as a space differentiator.

– If you are a person who likes carpets, choose carpets that are solid in color but without simple motives / motifs. This style will make the room in your house seem more spacious and airy and in accordance with the concept of home interior design

– If you are forced to use a partition, choose only temporary or accessory properties. Its function is only to separate between the rooms in your house and not limit. Such as display shelves, or cupboard partitions, etc.

– For those of you who want to beautify the room in your home by adding accessories in the form of paintings, choose a minimalist home interior design concept whose composition and frames are simple without engraving or profiles. Don’t put too many paintings because it will make the room in your house feel cramped.

– Choice of furniture also needs attention. We recommend that you choose simple furniture without a profile and engraving with dark colors, such as dark chocolate for the interior of your home because it is in accordance with the minimalist home interior design concept.

– For the interior design of the bedroom, choose bright colors for the walls of your room. If you want to use an accent, use an accent that is usually behind the bed. Whereas if you use wallpaper, choose a model of woven bamboo or leaves. Choose a bed with a simple model and adjust it to the size of the room. Do not install the bed too large because it will make limited space.

Home interior design minimalist home interior design concepts do need to be done carefully. Because the limitations of the existing space will bring a narrow impression and this is of course contrary to the minimalist home interior design concept that you want.

Some of the things that are often found in minimalist home interior design concepts are that everything in the house plays a role in accordance with its function. Like a chair will only be a chair, not just a display or decoration of sweetener inside the house. In order for this interior design concept to work well in the house, the occupants of the house must really look after the house while still looking neat, clean and comfortable. So that even though the house is styled with a minimalist home interior design concept, but if it is rarely trimmed, the minimalist impression will still be lost.

Futuristic Interior Design Concept


Futuristic architecture is architecture that is designed with a strange and future-oriented form and is also unusual. This futuristic architectural design can be square, round or irregular or shaped like an animal body. Some futuristic designs of this modern architecture are actually in the process of being built or will be built and there are those who have stood tall and used. And some are still in the form of models and replicas.

Futuristic is a fashion trend which means a future trend. But futuristic fashion trends have become a new style and have an influence on every design that exists. Today’s futuristic style is likened to something more than a modern design. Futuristic style designs can occur with the game of geometric patterns. Playing compositions from geometric shapes into a composition that can look different from current designs.

Futuristic has a meaning that is directed or towards the future. futuristic in the building means that the building is oriented towards the future or that the building always follows the developments of the times that are shown through the expression of buildings.

Futuristic interior style, does not have to look stiff, cold with straight lines and firm. This style can also apply the basic design through geometric shapes, such as curved shapes, circles and other asymmetrical shapes and unique, simple and future-oriented designs. This form eventually becomes a part of futuristic design.

Building flexibility and capability is one of the futuristic aspects. Flexibility and capability alone are the building’s ability to serve and keep pace with the demands and requirements of the interior itself.

Implementation of space formers:

1.Wall. The wall concept uses several processing;

  • The first processing, the walls using cement tape then finishing process using wall paint with colors and types that vary according to needs and desires.
  • The second treatment is the wall using an acrylic treatment which also functions as a room lighting. And the gypsum board which is finished with a white HPL and also functions as a room lighting because of the application of electroluminecent wire lights to the wall.
  • processing on the walls of the fashion show room that requires special sound handling using a double wall system and wall covering with the application of glass woll before the process of cement plaster and finishing using foam scrub which is coated again with suede fabric. So that it can muffle the sound well.

2.Material Concept. To be able to support a futuristic design theme, the main material used in its design is the selection of materials that characterize the future (material), including materials produced through the results of industrial processes such as the use of stainless steel, clear glass, wood finishing duco, laquer wood finishing, acrylic, HPL finishing, and granite stone. Combining these materials in the wall, ceiling and floor material. Other materials used are materials that have sound absorbent or absorbent properties which are much better, such as the use of carpet coating material, solid rubber, foam and burgess steel. these materials will be applied to fashion show rooms and rooms that require other special sound handling and are combined with reflector material.

3.The concept of color. The application of color to the elements forming the interior space uses neutral color colors as an analogy from the world of technology, besides the use of these colors is the same as the nature of fashion itself which is always developing and changing. white application with the application of color with full intensity as an accent of space. The use of white as the basic color of the color concept aims to make an object brighter, airy and broader. White is a neutral color that is suitable to be applied with any color. using the analogue color scheme in the design of the fashion center that is using adjacent color selection on the color circle. The selection of blue – purple to fulfill the concept of this color scheme. with this color scheme to bring out the colors that are in harmony and not boring, the colors that are aligned are the colors that are in tune and the color circle is located adjacent. The choice of neutral and non-decorative colors in the design aims to indirectly become the background of a fashion that this fashion center wants to show. apply neutral colors with an accent color analogue from blue – purple with the aim that everything shown will look more attractive.

Designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli, this house is surrounded by Renaissance-style villas on the hillside of Settignano, Florence. The beauty of the futuristic interior is hidden behind the 20th century facade.

The futuristic interior consists of several reflective mirrors that “capture” the outside world, then create an aesthetic clash between nature and indoor modernization. The creation was created as a project to unite two small apartments with very different characteristics.

To create a bright atmosphere through this contemporary design, Simone combines an open living room, dining room and kitchen. He made the door an attractive feature of wood juxtaposed with steel, while the other side was decorated with reflective mirror panels.

So that now your room will look brighter and of course be energy efficient.

The futuristic interior is a bold style, which is shown from the elements forming the space. because this futuristic design has a mecca in the future, the design of the design must be designed as dynamically and as strangely as possible so as to create a new impression and make the audience not bored. The futuristic interior is also very easy to recognize especially in terms of:

  • space play
  • the material is: glass, stainless steel, clear glass, duco wood finishing, laquer wood finishing
  • the colors are more neutral and not flashy
  • The furniture and decoration of his house are very futuristic and dynamic