Voucher Shop

The Store Voucher Feature is available at Unicuu to help sellers create vouchers and promos accordance with the shop budget.

What is Voucher Shop?

Shop voucher is a promo system in the form of a voucher that will be used by the seller to make a promotion to the buyer. The seller can make a promo in accordance with the terms and fees as desired.
Promotions included in the Merchant Shop Voucher Promo: are discounted / discounted: Vouchers that can be used by buyers that will immediately reduce the total costs to be incurred by the seller


  1. Login to your store account.
  2. Select the Store Voucher in the Side Bar or Shop Menu.
  3. Click + Add Voucher
  4. Fill in the Voucher Name and Voucher Code as you wish.
  5. Fill in the voucher nominal that you want to give to the buyer.
  6. Fill in the minimum purchase amount so that the buyer can use a voucher (it may not be smaller than the discount)
  7. Fill in the voucher quota that you want to provide. After your quota has been used up, the buyer cannot use your voucher again.
  8. Enter the maximum expenditure for your campaign.
  9. The period contains the start date and time until the Voucher promo is completed by the Seller. You can fill a period with a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 30 days.
  10. Target Voucher is the choice of whether the Voucher will be in the form of Public (displayed on the Shop page and Product page) and Limited (not displayed but the Voucher code can be shared privately to the target buyer).
  11. Before the Voucher is stored and ready for use, you can view the Preview Voucher and download the image Voucher and share it to social media after this voucher has been added. Example: Special weekend bonus, 100% discount up to 50ribu , min. Shopping 200ribu.
  12. You can see the Preview Voucher in detail.
  13. Check and make sure the voucher status that has been made is correct.
  14. Spread information about Vouchers to buyers.