Uniqueness and Specialty of Interior Design Styles from various countries

The development of the world of interior design has given birth to so many models, concepts and design styles with their own uniqueness and distinctiveness. In other words, gave birth to many different styles of interior design with distinctive characteristics and characteristics.

Like for example in the style of interior design that is typical of Scandinavian or Nordic countries, which has minimalist and functional characteristics, and is widely adapted and used today. Being one of the most popular and popular styles of interior design.

Or Japanese interior design style, which offers tranquility and harmony in interior design that blends with nature. It is part of the Zen interior design style which is also quite popular, the result of an Asian interior design movement.

All these characteristics and characteristics offer a unique and diverse aesthetic and artistic value. A distinct advantage for us can choose one of them as an interior design style, both for homes or residentials and to be applied to commercial spaces.

From Dwell Candy, here are 8 different interior design styles from 8 countries with their unique and unique characteristics.

# 1 Style of American Colonial Interior Design

Characteristics of colonial America are usually characterized by a variety of furniture made of wood and trim materials, and are widely used throughout the room.

A distinctive feature of colonial American interior design:

  • Formal design
  • Fine furniture, cupboard making, and carpenter’s techniques
  • Fine wood such as kenari, ceri, mahoni
  • Fabrics include rugs, velvet, brocade
  • Iron and brass fixtures and lighting

Style of American colonial interior design. ~ through candy

# 2 Arabic Style Interior Design

Characteristics and characteristics:

  • Carved Decoration
  • Color silk fabric
  • Various obvious accents on the sofa cushion
  • Use of Persian rugs
  • Unique lighting shades

Arabic interior design style. ~ via Pinterest

# 3 Chinese Interior Design Style

Characteristics and characteristics:

Chinese Interior Design is influenced by the development of cultural history and its very long decorations from thousands of years ago. Chinese style of design can be said to have similarities with Japanese and Zen interior design.

Color: Traditional Chinese interiors use a blend of colors that have a bold impression. Black, glossy with gold and or red accents.

Lighting: Typical paper lanterns that produce warm lighting create a calming atmosphere.

Decoration: The style features clean straight lines similar to Japanese interior design. Decorations are generally equipped with bamboo ornaments, black or red, and gold accents.

Modern Chinese interior design style. ~ via Pinterest
# 4 French Interior Design Style

Characteristics and characteristics:

The chic and majestic style of decoration, and the luxurious decorative style in each room are the hallmarks of French interior design.

Furniture generally includes antiques or heirlooms in the French royal style. Flowers as decorations can almost certainly be found in every room.

French interior design style. ~ via Pinterest

# 5 Indian Style Interior Design

Characteristics and characteristics:

Color: According to Interiordesignpedia, a good way to get an idea for a color palette is to see typical spices from India. Reflects the spirit of the country.

Floors: Polished concrete floors work well in contemporary interior design in India. Tiles, marble and granite floors are traditionally found in Indian homes, or you can also use dark stained wood floors.

Decoration: There are various elements of accessories and furniture that are typical of India. The Hindu Goddess Statue made of bronze, brass, wood or gold looks very fantastic placed around an Indian-style room. Buddha elephants and gods also added personality to Indian interior themes.

Furniture / Furniture: Dark and solid wood furniture will greatly help get the Indian concept on the right track. Look for some interesting carving works that are typical decorative elements for the room.

Indian interior design style. ~ via livspace

# 6 Japanese Interior Design Style

Characteristics and characteristics:

Japanese interior design inspires natural essence and a simple look that is also found in minimalist architecture and Zen interior design style. Lines, shapes, space, light and material are just a few of the important elements that are the very aesthetic center of this design.

A prominent feature is the absence of unnecessary internal walls as opening chambers and allowing organic flow between interior and exterior structures. This practice is believed to reduce all elements to their core core qualities.

Essential furniture that is valuable makes the living space not feel cramped or messy, allowing the beauty of wood and its color elements to be reflected and capable of reflecting natural light.

Sliding doors allow the Japanese exterior and interior to fuse organically with each other.

Japanese interior design style. ~ via home designing

# 7 Moroccan Style of Interior Design

Characteristics and characteristics:

The Moroccan interior design provides dominance in rich colors, which are typical of the Middle East. Become one of the unique and unique styles of Moroccan design.

The red orange color inspired by the sunset of the African region, green and blue found in the Mediterranean, gold accents, light brown, yellow and silver inspired by the desert and its surroundings, can create a tropical atmosphere in the room.

Don’t forget the existence of exotic plants, terracotta tiles and textured walls, all of which provide another atmosphere that can be felt together.

Moroccan interior design style. ~ via lushome

# 8 Spanish Interior Design Style

Characteristics and characteristics:

Spanish interior design is a vibrant and colorful Mediterranean style that is reminiscent of rural villas, with sunny terraces and an old-fashioned yet very solid family atmosphere.

Spanish interior design style. ~ via decoist

Mediterranean Style Interior Design, Rich Interior Style with a Distinctive Color of European Country

Countries in Europe are famous for having distinctive interior design styles and attractive architectural styles. One of them is the Mediterranean interior design style that displays a visual image of a room that is rich in color. With a blend and distinctive features brought from the previous era, it displays the distinctiveness of the rustic design style of the countryside that mixes and blends with the natural culture of the mainland Europe.

Generally, design styles from around the world can be recognized by the use of colors, fabrics, textures and / or certain materials that are strongly influenced by culture or local culture. In the world of interior design, these influences penetrate into certain design styles that give birth to each unique and unique interior style.

Mediterranean style interior design has become a distinctive interior design style. European countries such as Italy, Spain or Greece, the country of the gods, are known to have specificity and specificity in their respective design styles. The interior design of the three countries greatly influenced the development of the Mediterranean interior design style in general. Mediterranean style was identified as a style of interior design and architecture as well as European houses in the south. Like the countries of Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, San marino, Malta, Spain, the Vatican, Greece, and Italy.

Mediterranean style of design reminds us of the importance of distinctiveness in every interior appearance of the house. This kind of style will also have a direct correlation with the level of comfort and especially the aesthetic taste that comes up.

Uniqueness & Specialty of Interior Design Styles from 8 Different Countries
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What is Mediterranean?

Literally, Mediterranean means land or middle country. Citing Wikipedia, the Mediterranean Sea or the Mediterranean Sea is an intercontinental sea located between Europe in the north, Africa in the south and Asia in the east, covering an area of ​​2.5 million km². The Mediterranean name itself comes from Latin mediterraneus, which means “inland” or “in the middle of the land” (from the medium, “middle” and terra, “land”).

In the past, the sea was a busy traffic lane, allowing trade and cultural exchanges between Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Romans and the Middle East. Mediterranean history played an important role for the beginning and development of Western Civilization.

The Mediterranean Sea is an important route for traders and travelers of ancient times that allowed trade and cultural exchanges between people who appeared in the region. The history of the Mediterranean region is very important to understand the origin and development of many modern societies.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Mediterranean-like interior design offers so many scents, tastes, and colors in the room. Designing a house in a Mediterranean style, is like designing a residence for a relaxed, friendly lifestyle.

The Mediterranean style is reflected in a design that features a relaxed atmosphere, the dominance of rustic or rustic furniture, and also the distinctive texture of the walls and floors. Mediterranean interior is a design style that is rich in cheerful yet soothing colors. Entering touches, accents and especially the natural atmosphere typical of rural European villages into the house.

Elements and Effects of Mediterranean Design

Referring to the style of interior design of houses in the southern European countries, such as Greece, Italy, and also Spain, the Mediterranean style is strongly influenced by local natural elements. Turquoise-colored waters of southern Europe, sunny days with lively sunshine and fragrant European landscapes, are visual images of Mediterranean interior design styles.

Greek Style Influence

This style traditionally features stucco walls and eucalyptus floors with cobalt blue accents and use of patio furniture.

Greek style. ~ via iDesignArch

Creating a Greek style is very easy to look like the equivalent of other Modern styles. White walls, touches of turquoise and cobalt blue accents, and distinctive accessories. While furniture looks more modern. White pieces add to the feel of a relaxed type of room. This kind of visualization is typically common in Greek Mediterranean design themes.

Influence of Italian Style

  • The style of the Italian Mediterranean interior design is similar to the Tuscan design; Cheerful and relaxed. Emphasize the colors and textures found in the surrounding natural landscape. Ornamental pieces of furniture are found in this style, along with the use of earth colors, such as oranges, deep red and yellow, accompanied by dark wood floors or rough stone floors, or brown stucco walls.

Mediterranean style of Italy. ~ via Pinterest

The main element is the use of regional-style furniture and shades of brown, red and yellow.

Mediterranean style of interior design in Spain

  • Spanish Mediterranean style emphasizes bright colors and mosaic murals that feature cobalt blue, yellow and / or deep red stones. This mosaic can also be found in mirror frames, tables or accessories, such as lamps, pottery and vases. Another common thing in the Mediterranean style of Spanish interior design is the use of terracotta ceramic floors.

Kitchen Mediterranean style of Spain. ~ via Pinterest

Home Furniture and Ornaments

Unique European furniture and accessories that are unique and slightly vintage and have a color texture make the Mediterranean design feel very iconic.

Rustic Triple Planter Stand. ~ via Houzz

  • Furniture & Accessories Forms and Models
    Furniture models and shapes Accessories in Mediterranean interior design are usually large, made of pine wood, and armoires. Such furniture models are usually a common necessity for European houses in the 18th and 19th centuries which did not have many cabinets.
    In modern homes, this large-sized furniture model can be doubled as a storage cabinet. Mediterranean-style furniture greatly reflects a relaxed lifestyle and community culture. Pine wood furniture is a signature of this southern European style rustic design.

Mediterranean kitchen design. ~ via Pinterest

Mediterranean kitchens are always open to neighbors and friends.

  • Decorative Accessories and Accents
    Accessories in Mediterranean-style interior design are also rustic and colored. Door hardware and furniture are often made of rough iron. Lighting and chandelier are made of the same material, some use glass mosaic gems. In addition, mosaic tile accessories, taken from Spanish Islamic influences, are also often found on table designs, mirrors or even attached to wall decorations.
    Smaller accessories are also found in Mediterranean-style rooms, such as colorful copper and iron cookware. Also flowers, whether fresh, dry, can add another color source into a Mediterranean-style room.
    The water element is one of the most common elements in Mediterranean interior design.
  • Walls and Floors

The main feature in a Mediterranean-style room is stucco walls and terracotta tiles or stone floors. Cement walls can be coated with wallpaper or by installing plaster. Terracotta tiles and stone floors are another characteristic of Mediterranean interior design styles.

Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean style can be mixed with modern styles to create a trend called the Mod-Mediterranean. Unlike the eclectic style, Mod-Mediterranean is a combination of two different styles. Mediterranean and Modern create a clean and fresh look but still have some traditional elements.

Using contemporary style in details and rural elements in the home can be very enjoyable. You can do this by adding “Old World” elements. Terracotta ceramic floor or travertine along with rustic wooden beams on the ceiling will be very interesting. Complete this with modern key elements in creating a focal point. For example, like in a fireplace, hanging lamp, or on furniture.

Mod-Mediterranean Greece. ~ via iDesignArch

Whatever the situation, if later you decide to change or create a space that can give you and your family the peace needed in the house, Mediterranean interior design styles can be one of the best design styles of choice. Determine what your vision will be and enjoy the atmosphere and feel of the room that is soothing and pleasant that you always dream of.

Interior Design with American Style Style

Houses with American style are usually built in large sizes. Likewise the furniture used tends to be large. According to American society, living in a small and small house will only provide discomfort and feel tight.

Here are some examples of American style home designs:

You can make an American style house as an inspiration.

American Style Begins to Be Attracted for Interior Design

Minimalist trends are in great demand on urban residents. This is in line with the limited land, so it requires an interior concept that creates a simpler impression and remains charming. The minimalist concept also offers a budget that is more affordable, compared to other residential styles.

Even so, the trend shifted to classic style interior concepts. The concept of minimalism tends to be abandoned in recent years because it has been shifted to the concept of American-style occupancy. American style began to be in demand as a residential interior concept, along with the occupant’s saturation of a minimalist concept that tended to be monotonous and stiff.

“Since three years ago. If you used to tend to be minimalist, now it’s not. There is a demand for American style, ”said Interior designer and Duck Wood Project Manager Martha Kristiana.

Martha presents a booth for 10-year-old children with an interior concept that carries the American style at the 2015 Perfect Home event. According to him, the American style is almost similar to the classical European style. However, what distinguishes the two is that the classic style in American style is not as thick as European classical style.

He said in classical European style closely with detailed carvings. Meanwhile, the American style has carvings, but with a simpler design. The color that is carried on the American-style interior concept also displays quieter colors like, white and broken white. “In the past, minimalism was more of a wood color. Now the American style doesn’t look like its wood veins, “he explained.

The American style interior concept, according to him, tends to be intermediate between minimalist and classic styles. Not too thick with classic style, but also not too minimalist, monotonous and stiff.

According to Martha, the advantage of applying this classic style to American style is the concept that is more enduring or not easily eaten by the times. Unlike the minimalist concept, the boom is only a few years. “A classic style house even though it was built in the 90s, but has its own characteristics because of its own style. The house has a character with its classic style, “he said.

Application in Children’s Room

Although it presents carvings on the interior concept, it does not mean that American style cannot be applied to a child’s room. Children’s rooms are synonymous with color games, apparently also suitable for American styles that tend to display calm colors. Martha applied more cheerful colors to children’s rooms with the American style concept. Games in yellow, green, blue, and pink appear through furniture that complements the function of the child’s room, while the white color is chosen as the color of the wall.

“The difference is that the color of the child is more cheerful and hit the color. Meanwhile, choosing colors in adult rooms is more calm, “he said.

Learn the Simplicity of American Style Home Designs by Mark Zuckerberg

Although listed as one of the billionaires of the world, the simplicity of Mark Zuckerberg’s life deserves inspiration. This big Facebook boss is known to always appear simple and low profile in his daily life.

Curiosity about the style of dress and lifestyle also makes us curious. If indeed Mark is someone who really emphasizes simplicity, what is the occupation of this young milyader designing his house? It was true, Mark and his wife Priscilla Chan and her two children lived in a comfortable home in American style.

A simple page, looks like a minimalist house

American style became the design chosen by Mark and Pricilla as their residence. American style is a typical American design style commonly found in old school homes in America. Comes with a rustic design, colonial America has a graceful and timeless look.

Comfortable patio exterior

This style often uses soft or pastel colored palettes as its interior design. While black is the color that is made prominent in this style.

The appearance of a clean kitchen and simple dining room with wooden chairs

There is also an additional dining room here on the side of the kitchen

Classic and warm family room

Usually black is applied to some large furniture such as sofas. Prominent colors like brown or red on American dwellings will give a separate statement in the room. These colors will give the impression of life and create an interior design that is not boring.

American Style Home Design by Mark Zuckerberg in the Bathroom

After walking around the house, it’s time to take a peek at the most interesting part of the Zuckerberg family’s house, the bathroom. Why is it most interesting, because you will be amazed by the design of this young entrepreneur’s bathroom.

Beasts, adorable dogs belonging to Mark & Priscilla are bathing in their bath tubs

Still carrying the American style concept, Mark Zuckerberg’s bathroom is designed with a combination of light blue and white. There are several mirrors and lights that give a warm impression to the room. White washbasins and bathtubs are available in their bathrooms. It feels very elegant and elegant.

American Style House Design by Mark Zuckerberg in the Garden Area

It’s not satisfied if you don’t stop by to see the outside of this American Style house. It turns out that there are some interesting areas on the outside and this colonial American style garden.

At the side of the house, there is a fairly large garden and swimming pool

Afternoon tea, anyone?

The yard is also fun for small parties with close friends