Guide to the Resolution Center for Buyers

The Resolution Center is a facility for Unicuu sellers and buyers to resolve transaction constraints, such as orders not yet arrived, damaged / less / inappropriate orders, up to shipping costs. The Resolution Center can help solve problems faster, because sellers and buyers can discuss directly to find a joint solution.

Complaint Ways at the Resolution Center

1.As a buyer, you can explain the constraints of transactions that occur and what solutions you want.

2.When filing a complaint, you must attach supporting evidence, such as product packaging, product photos from various sides, order notes, and receipt receipts.

3.The seller will then respond to complaints, provide explanations, and accept solutions or offer new solutions. After you and the seller agree and do the agreed solution, the complaint will be considered complete

4.If you and the seller don’t find a solution together, you can ask for assistance to Customer Care Unicuu.

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