Selling tips on Unicuu

Just like business competition in the conventional way, doing business online also requires a strategy that is not inferior to competitors.

In order for your sales at Unicuu to be maximized, please follow the tips on selling at Unicuu below:

Prioritize the title of your store name content

The title of your store content can make your customers interested in your shop. Just look at the many shop shops around the road which make the name of the shop interesting. For example, you sell modern home decorations, make interesting content titles to get sample customers (cheap modern home decorations, the latest up-to-date home decorations, cheap house decoration stores) so that you can force your customers to buy your products if you apply it can be to buy your product.

Use product photos that are different from others

Mainstream photos will certainly make customers feel less confident in the products you offer. If possible, always use photos of original products that you manually took. Not just just copy-paste.

Quick response

One of the keys to selling online is a fast response. The faster your response to customers, the greater the chance you get closing.

Fast resp. Receipt number

The receipt number is telling that the product the customer has purchased has been sent to the shipping party, so your receipt number must be fast response. Like my favorite store (Cabana shop), approximately half an hour receipt receipt immediately liquid.

So try your fast receipt number for approximately one hour, this will have a good impact on your store and can make your store’s reputation good and relevant.

Make shipments quickly

Each Buyer must want the product to get home quickly. Therefore, serve your customers quickly and send items quickly too. If there is a late delivery, please provide information to your customers.

Don’t return the product

It often happens in doing business online deliberately in product returns because goods are not ready, this will result in a decrease in the reputation of your store. Then adjust the complete details of your product to ensure that your product is ready or not.

Clear product details

This is to not complain about the buyer to you, so fill in your product details

Selling on Unicuu is indeed very easy. You only need to register, open a store, add products and accept orders only. By selling on Unicuu, you can get customers more easily and later will increase your business turnover.

So, when did you start selling at Unicuu?