Starting from the rest of the wood into tens of millions of turnover

Daru Andika Putra, a young entrepreneur who markets wood raw material products at Unicuu, earns a turnover of tens of millions per month. – Not all woes are always grief. This is evidenced by the story of Daru Andika Putra, a young entrepreneur who developed the wood raw material business by marketing it in the Unicuu marketplace. The story begins when Daru once found wood raw material that had been moldy because of rain. Visible dark blue spots on the wood. Who would have thought, because the defective wood actually came up with a new idea to market the wood which actually brought interested people. Daru began to think about selling wood materials to his friends who were doing business in the field of wood crafts, then started marketing in the Unicuu marketplace. He had the opportunity to visit Central Java and meet remnants of high-quality logs lying into waste which if processed would be able to compete with foreign products. By selling this in Unicuu, then there are many wood producers / craftsmen, starting from Kuningan, solo, Jepara, etc. who are cooperating with Daru to provide a large number of raw materials and be able to compete with other wood raw material entrepreneurs from the region. “At present, many local factories / wood crafts asked Daru to be the main supplier of wood raw materials which eventually became Daru’s permanent livelihood & family welfare also rose, “explained Daru. This 1987-born youth explained the marketing strategy by synergizing offline and online marketing. Initially, the remaining wood was marketed only in the area before being expanded through Unicuu with a turnover of tens of millions per month. “Buyers must know that our wood raw material is truly there and has good quality through offline channels. On the other hand, online marketing, for example through marketplaces such as Unicuu, in my opinion must also be done to expand the market and provide more convenience to buyers / woodcraft entrepreneurs, “he explained.