5 These Entrepreneurs Succeed Because Used Goods

And now the question is: why become an entrepreneur?

There used to be a study that said that one index of developed countries was a country that had a number of entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs of at least 2% of the total population. So, for example, now there are 250 million Indonesians, there must be at least 5 million existing entrepreneurs.

There are many businesses whose capital is cheap, even garbage and used goods. Well, to increase the enthusiasm of being an entrepreneur, we give 5 successful entrepreneurs who only have second hand capital:

  1. Used Cans Made in Eni: Worth Hundreds of Million to See Through the Australian Market

Who said that business capital must be expensive? The proof is that Eni Aryani was able to successfully start her handicraft business with only used cans, used wood, and paint.

Initially, Eni, who likes to paint, only uses used cans and wood that can be easily found around her residence. It turned out that this product was in demand by many people until finally he was serious about pursuing this business since 2014. There are various types of products that have been made by Eni, cracker cans, weavings, paste jars, flower vases, light kettles, and items for home use other stairs. Every month, Eni is able to achieve a turnover of tens to hundreds of millions. Even Eni’s products have been exported to Japan and Australia. Cool!

2. Decopatch: Business Plates and Used Glass Ala Diah Worth of Millions of Rupiah

Diah started her handicraft business since 2007. Although initially only because of a hobby, Diah finally pursued this business in the art of painting glass until now. The capital needed is only one million rupiah. The money is used to buy paint and painting media taken from used bottle waste, used glass, or unused dishes. Even though it is made of used goods and waste, but handcrafted products have good quality and beautiful designs. Until now, the products have been exported to Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, India and China. For Europe, for example Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Switzerland and Italy. Wow, it’s worth a try, bro!

3. From Wood Waste Collectors, Made is now a IDR 300          Million / Month Committed Entrepreneur

Many people think that used wood is a useless item. But in the hands of Made Sutamaya, this item can be created into a product that has high artwork. Made collected wood waste and then made it into various types of items such as chairs, wood, tables, wall displays, and so on. Made’s products are known to have high artistic value that is very attractive to buyers from various countries such as France, Germany, Italy and even African countries. Now, Made Suah managed to earn a turnover of up to hundreds of millions per month. Even though this business only has used wood, nails, and hammer only. Inspirational?

4.Nur Handiyah Converting Waste of Shellfish into Luxury Items Worth Millions of Rupiah

With creativity, garbage can also be converted into goods that can bring in rupiah. With her husband, she started a handicraft business from clamshell waste since 2000. He later founded the Multi Dimension Shell Craft. There are various products sold, for example decorative lamps from shells, cabinets, mirrors, and other furniture items. Who would have thought, this business could bring turnover of up to tens of millions of rupiah. In fact, he has exported it to Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, and America. Sugoi!

5. Selling Furniture from Used Wood, Andra Grants Turnover of IDR 12 Billion / Year

Andra Prasetyo is arguably pioneering his business called Pangjati Rustic Furniture & Crafts without capital. He only uses used wood waste and used branches to make handicrafts. Handicraft products made for example tables, chairs, drawers, cabinets, and so on. Not only selling well domestically, these products made by you are also selling well in Europe. Greece, the Netherlands and Germany are the countries that they are subscribed to. No wonder the turnover of this business reaches billions every year. Great. Hopefully it can inspire us all!