Tips for Safe and Comfortable Shopping in Unicuu

Do the following tips to make your shopping experience at Unicuu more secure and comfortable:

  1. Pay attention to the name, description, and image of the product you want in detail. See store reputation (rating & cancel rate), reviews, and product discussions.
  2. Make sure NOT to transfer funds directly to the seller. Make payment ONLY to the account number in the name of PT UNICUU.
  3. Please do not provide proof of your payment to others, do not make payments to Unicuu accounts without having a direct transaction, and do not transfer funds to an Unicuu account with an invalid amount or bill amount.
  4. Do not confirm receipt before the order arrives.
  5. If you experience transaction problems, please visit Contact Us or click Complaints on your order menu.
  6. We can only be responsible for transactions or problems that occur within our system. Therefore, make sure you always transact through the Unicuu system in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.