For those of you who are experiencing problems with Unicuu products, please send a message via Unicuu email. The advantage of using this service is faster and immediately gets an answer.

By sending Unicuu’s email customer service, you can get a solution. In addition, you can also ask for various Unicuu product promos directly to the Unicuu customer service.

A secure payment system will provide a sense of security to prospective buyers of Unicuu, meaning that consumer trust must be built so that consumers can be comfortable and not find problems in making purchases and payments for products on Unicuu PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a certificate or license issued by the PCI Security Standard Council to maintain the security of transaction activities that are processed through the Unicuu payment system. Unicuu has implemented the security standards set by the PCI Standard Council on our network and payment system so that we can minimize all security risks that can disrupt the process of transactions that occur in our system.

There are various shipping and freight forwarding services that have qualified quality with excellent service, so many people choose it. These various choices also make it easier for users to determine expedition services as needed, perhaps in terms of price, speed of delivery, convenience, and other factors. Well, of the many choices of expedition services in Indonesia. Not only good service, complete features and other achievements also make Unicuu shipping services recognized as the best shipping service.

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Unicuu launched a mobile application for the Android platform that its customers have long been waiting for. Using this application, all Unicuu features can be accessed by sellers and buyers via mobile devices. The Unicuu application offers a variety of conveniences that focus on providing easy access to all Unicuu functionalities coupled with smartphone device capabilities. All facilities are claimed to be enjoyed by all users, both sellers and buyers. For buyers, the Unicuus application offers the convenience of shopping completely. This can be seen through the Unicuu application’s home page, which directly displays a range of various types of top-list products provided by a number of sellers.

    Transactions on Unicuu are safer by using shared accounts. Prospective buyers can be more confident and trustworthy to shop at your store.
    Selling on Unicuu without any fees or commissions.
    When you receive an order, it means that the funds have been entered into a joint account. Unicuu will verify payment automatically for your convenience.
    Selling is more practical without the need for negotiation because the right price and wholesale prices have been printed from the start.
    Unicuu works with various logistics services that make it easy for you to pay for shipping, sending, and tracking orders automatically and real-time.